Movie Worksheet

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Film Genre: (action/adventure, drama, comedy, art house, war, etc.)                                        


A theme is a major subject or idea in a work of literature or art.

Identify 3 Themes and 1 occurrence of each theme in the film.

  1. Theme:
    1. occurrence:
  2. Theme:
    1. occurrence:
  3. Theme:
    1. occurrence:



A motif is a visual theme or a repetition of an image.

 Identify 1 Motif and an occurrence of it in the film.

  1. Motif:

    1. Occurence:


Emotional need plot line:

 Emotional need is the character’s emotional predicament/conflict. This plot line is built around what relationships the main characters need to create. Usually, but not always, this means the establishment or rediscovery of a romantic relationship. The emotional need is not always about love, nor is it necessarily recognized or understood as a need by the protagonist.

What is the emotional need of the protagonist?



Material goal plot line:

The material goal, is a conscious decision by the protagonist. In American movies, this often has to do with property, money, or skill: Robbing a bank, winning the big game, defeating the Empire, etc.

 What is the material goal of the protagonist?