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Humanities I

A study of principal Western Art styles from the Ancient World through the Renaissance



Ancient Greece

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Titans and Olympians

Battle of Thermopylae

Allegory of the Cave

Classicism -- The Greek Legacy

Hesiod: Theogony (Reading)

Plato: The Republic Allegory of the Cave. (Reading)

5 Ancient Acts of War that Changed the Face of the Earth (Reading)


300 (film)

Matrix (film)


Ancient Rome

Chapter 4

Cicero: De amicitia (On Friendship) Reading

7 Books We Lost ... (Reading)

5 Ridiculous Lies ... (Reading)

7 Modern Conveniences ... (Reading)

De Amicitia Study Guide

Gladiator (film)

Power and Glory of Rome

Roman History Timeline


Ancient India and China

Chapter 5

Siddhartha Gautama: The Buddha

The First Sermon (Reading)

On Friendship (Reading)

Bhagavad-Gita (Summary)

Bhagavad-Gita (Reading)


Early Christianity

Chapter 6

The Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7:27 (Reading)

Sermon on the Mount Study Guide

5 Ridiculous Ancient Beliefs ... (Reading)



Chapter 7

Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (Reading)

The Council of Nicaea



Chapter 8

The Koran (Sura 5) (Reading)

Abrahamic Religions Pretest


Charlemagne and the Rise of Medieval Culture

Chapter 9

Song of Roland SG

Song of Roland excerpts (Reading)

5 Shockingly Progressive Ideas ... (Reading)


High Middle Ages

Chapter 10

Goliardic Verse

Courtly Love


Medieval Legend of Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde (film)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail


14th Century

Chapter 11

5 Ridiculous Myths You Probably Believe about the Dark Ages

6 Ridiculous Myths About the Middle Ages Everyone Believes

Dante Alighieri: Divine Comedy, Inferno (Readings)

Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales, The Prioress's Tale  (Reading)

The Name of the Rose (film)

Inferno Study Guide


Early Renaissance

Chapter 12

Mirandola: Oration on the Dignity of Man  (Reading)

Erasmus: Praise of Folly (Reading)


High Renaissance in Italy

Chapter 13

Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture

Life of Leonardo da Vinci (Reading)

Life of Michelangelo (Reading)

Machiavelli: The Prince excerpt (Reading)


Northern Renaissance

Chapter 14

Othello (film)

Hamlet (film)



Liberal Arts and Humanism


Movie Guide

Movie Worksheet (blank)

Movie Worksheet (Gladiator) -- example of how to fill out a movie worksheet

Art Galleries

Italian Renaissance: Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonard, and Titian

The First Phase: Masaccio, Ghiberti, Brunelleschi


Battle of Thermopylae

Ara Pacis Augustae

Islamic Art

Hindu and Buddhist Art